A. Peter Bailey’s “Curtains Up”: 1977 Black Theaters’ State of Affairs

There are many relevant historical articles and budding, now matured, writers who are a part of the Routes Archives (1977-1980 and 1990-1994) I am sure many of you, because of your age, have never read them. So as I move forward with publishing current articles, I am going republished, I think, historically important articles. At the time, as well as NOW—I’ve wanted to reflect on those elements, in the NYC and African-American community, which have contributed to my development. There are gaps in Routes’ publishing history, but there is a historical thread.

A. Peter Bailey, American journalist, author, and lecturer, is an old friend of mine. He, always, has been selflessly willing to contribute articles to Routes that help to shed light on African-American theater. Read what he observed in Routes, October 1977, Page 8.

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