African diaspora dancing videos that’ll bring a smile, laughter, memories and pride

During this stressful time, I thought it would be appropriate to bring to the site some levity and fun. So, I’ve put together African diasporia dancing sourced from the Mother Africa. I hope you do enjoy the sampling. There are a few performances that will evoke laughter. I hope you agree. If you do pass this post on. If you like the selections, share them with your friends and family.

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  1. Imam Hakim Abdul-Ali
    | Reply

    Simply awesome. The dynamic expressions of Black folks’ sensibilities is on display in this piece. From a cultural “our-storical” perspective, it’s both entertaining and informative to watch.

  2. Perri Gaffney
    | Reply

    Leave it to ROUTES to compile an eclectic collection of African American Dance that celebrates the moves of black folks throughout time and on international stages.

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