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Hakim Abdul-Ali

For more than 25 years, Hakim Abdul-Ali has been a columnist and freelance writer for "The Charleston Chronicle" in Charleston SC. He writes columns which deal with spiritual, motivational themes and varied cultural events & activities that pertain to the African-American and African diaspora communities at large.

Recent Posts

“My Thoughts”: The Real Meaning of Black History Month

It’s that time again in the United States of America where the annual Black History Month observance is now upon the masses of the nation’s ebony citizenry. This is meant to be a celebration of Af

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Here It is: “Two Sides of a Wishful Reality”

Life is full of wonderful opportunities for the dreamers and doers in society. Some “hue-mans” choose to take advantage of these precious moments to accomplish much good in life and also t

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Here It Is —  “The Importance of Collecting Black”

The art of collecting things is a universal fascination enjoyed by hundreds of millions of collectors throughout the world. No matter what the objects of interests may be, the collectors are usually o

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