Fri. May 29th, 2020


LIVE from NYPL: Terry McMillan with Tayari Jones — Tuesday, May 26 | 8 PM (EDT) The New York Times best-selling author Terry McMillan discusses her career and her newest book, "It’s Not All Downhill from Here", with Tayari Jones, author of "An American Marriage". The Schomburg Center partners with LIVE from NYPL's digital event.... Read More
Valerie Simpson-songwriter-producer-singer-musician-performer. And, with her husband, lifetime partner, and soulmate—the late Nickolas Ashford--she is also one half of the dynamic duo known as Ashford & Simpson—perhaps the music world’s most applauded husband-and-wife team ever. With an unrivaled track record, this iconic couple has earned the respect of their peers in the music industry, as well as immeasurable adoration from generation after generation of loyal fans.... Read More
In my post on February 27, 2017, In Defense of Rachel Dolezal—white woman who identifies as black, now jobless, may soon be homeless, I described my uneasiness with which both black and white communities have spoken ill about Rachel Dolezal. Up until reading the article about Rachel's plight, I knew only peripheral bits and pieces about her from news reports and the vitriolic responses I've read a number of black and white individuals. After reading the article, I called a couple of my friends to ask them what they thought about Rachel Dolezal.... Read More