Literature | ROUTES by Ronald Bunn

Ronn’s Inspirational Video Recommendations – Malcolm Gladwell, Author of “Outliers”, Selwyn Collins 2013 interview of Terrance McKnight, and Sharon Quinn interview of Jeweler Sandy Baker

I would like to share some of the inspiring and educational videos I have, recently, had the opportunity to view: MALCOLM GLADWELL’s discussion of the foundations for success in “Outliers” has helped me to understand the processes leading to achievement. SELWYN … Read More

Remembering Muhammad Ali, “…my honor as a black boy had been defended, my honor as a human being …”

“I’ve got another Joe Louis,” his father, Cassius Clay, exclaimed, full of pride, the first time he saw his young namesake fight, and he was both right and wrong. His son, who later decided to change his name to Muhammad … Read More

Free For All – Conversations in Black Freedom Studies: The Struggle Against Racism and Repression

This month’s program marks 50 years since Stokely Carmichael galvanized the Black Power generation in June 1966; and it suggests the long road to the Black Power era with three presentations. First, Caleb Smith traces the contours of white domination back … Read More

Free For All – Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Celebration – The Lapidus Center Presents: Thomas Jefferson, Slavery, and Race

In this groundbreaking work, Most Blessed of the Patriarchs: Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination, Annette Gordon-Reed teams up with America’s leading Jefferson scholar, Peter S. Onuf, to analyze Thomas Jefferson’s vision of himself, the American Revolution, Christianity, slavery, and race.

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