Tue. May 26th, 2020

May 2020

LIVE from NYPL: Terry McMillan with Tayari Jones — Tuesday, May 26 | 8 PM (EDT) The New York Times best-selling author Terry McMillan discusses her career and her newest book, "It’s Not All Downhill from Here", with Tayari Jones, author of "An American Marriage". The Schomburg Center partners with LIVE from NYPL's digital event.... Read More
DanceAfrica digital public programming has been especially created in response to the current world environment, with audiences seeking compelling ways to connect with their community and explore the arts from home. BAM’s longest-running and most beloved program is a community celebration, welcoming all to observe. The celebratory events will continue the series of unique digital experiences offered by Love from BAM.... Read More
The Brooklyn Academy of Music celebrates DanceAfrica—the United States’ largest African dance festival—through digital public programming, launching May 18. The series of digital offerings pays special tribute to the people who have shaped the popular festival over the past 42 years. Including conversations with Abdel R.... Read More
Abiodun Oyewole, Poet of The Last Poets The Silver Lining 1 min read
We‘re Stuck In A Dark Gray Cloud Searching For A Way Out Looking For A Ray Of Sunlight Praying For A Miracle Our Ancestors Are Watching God Sees And Hears Us We Must Become  Our Own Salvation This Is The Silver Lining To Love Each-Other More To Perform More Acts Of Kindness To Strengthen Our Faith To Recreate Ourselves And The Things Around Us This Is The Silver Lining To Brush Off  The Dirt Wash Clean Our Bodies, Mind And Soul To Walk In The Light Shine Where Ever We Go This Is The Silver Lining To Read A Book Catch Up With Old Friends Finish What You Started Try Something New To Be Patient With One’S Self Let Wisdom Be Your Mentor  Learn How To Meditate Erase The Dark Gray Clouds Paint The Sky  With Soft Pastels Of Happy Colors In Our Minds Abiodun 5-14-20... Read More