Photography | ROUTES by Ronald Bunn

Cornell University Library – Collection of 645 African-American images from 1860s-1960s

Cornell University Library has made available a collection of 645 African-American images from the 1860s through the 1960s. The collection was donated to the University by Stephan and Beth Loewentheil in 2012. The university says “one of the goals — … Read More

Here It Is —  “The Importance of Collecting Black”

The art of collecting things is a universal fascination enjoyed by hundreds of millions of collectors throughout the world. No matter what the objects of interests may be, the collectors are usually obsessed souls. From the ultra rich to those … Read More

Limited Time Offer – Free Exhibition Space for Fine Artists/Photographers

For a limited time, Routes is offering Fine Artists/photographers “ONE WEEK FREE EXHIBITION SPACE in the Portfolio Section. The artist can submit up to 10 images of his/her works. This offering will run December, January, February and limited to one artist per … Read More

Remembering Muhammad Ali – Photos, Quotations and Videos

Last week, after hearing about the death of Muhammad Ali, I telephoned my good friend Barbara Lewis and asked her “How has Muhammad Ali influenced our lives?” She responded with yesterday’s thoughtful “Remembering Muhammad Ali, …’my honor as a black … Read More

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – “The Artist Project” – Jeffrey Gibson and Mickalene Thomas – Part II

Part II – The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “The Artist Project” videos. I hope you find the artists Jeffrey Gibson, Ethnographic’s Collections Researcher and Mickalene Thomas, Painter, Photographer, Filmmaker, perspectives enlightening. Over the next several weeks to come, I will be sharing … Read More

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