Routes Magazine 1977-1980 – ROUTES by Ronald Bunn

“Thank You Sister Jones” by Agnes O. Bunn – “Lady in White” Painting by Ernest Chrichlow

Revisiting the Good Old ROUTES’ Days! Continuing to publishing excerpts, with additional information, from the October 1977 Maiden Issue—A commentary on the appreciation of food “Sister Jones,” written by Agnes O. Bunn (If you’ve grown up in a Baptist church, you’ve … Read More

A. Peter Bailey’s “Curtains Up”: 1977 Black Theaters’ State of Affairs

There are many relevant historical articles and budding, now matured, writers who are a part of the Routes Archives (1977-1980 and 1990-1994) I am sure many of you, because of your age, have never read them. So as I move forward … Read More

Black Theater Alliance & some Broadway Productions that included African-Americans – December, 1977

Let’s try an appraisal, problem solving exercise. Would some of you like to offer your wisdom on why there are so few African-American productions, or, productions including African-Americans? I remember very clearly, back-in-the-day, criticism of Routes‘ coverage of only leisure type activities. What … Read More

August 1980

“The basic philosophy of most jazz purists is to just play and be creative. However, in the early 1960s, I looked at the profits made by the multi-million dollar corporations involved in music, RCA, CBS, etc ., and then I looked at jazz musicians who were starving. It … Read More

July 1980

As Lillian, the outspoken one of the group declared, “They didn’t need us to go out on the road. ‘They’, referring to Tommy Metolla and Champion Entertainment, who functioned as producer, manager—the works. Lillian’s voice, only moments before cheerful, had taken on a slightly bitter quality. “I … Read More

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