Routes Magazine 1977-1980 – Page 2 – ROUTES by Ronald Bunn

June 1980

Makeba’s pioneering ‘natural’ was first styled in 1960 by Camello “Frenchie” Casimir, who’s been in people’s hair for 45 years. Makeba’s designer, John Pratt, brought the African singer into Frenchie’s shop and said “he didn’t want her to look like everybody else,” Frenchie recalls while handing me … Read More

May 1980

If “thin is in,” then “fat’s where it’s at.” This popular cliche has found a permanent home in Izora Rhodes-Armstead and Martha Wash—better known as the “Two Tons 0′ Fun.” The “Tons” have been around for quite some time, but they first became visible a few … Read More

April 1980

I immediately ask her what it felt like to win two Grammys in one year. “That has to have been the most emotional evening of my life,” she exclaims. “I don’t remember ever being that excited other than two other times in my life—and both of … Read More

March 1980

When we were kids in Oakland, sitting on our daddy’s knees, in the summer we would swelter, in the winter we would freeze. These words from the Pointer Sisters showstopper, Banging On the Pipes, must bring back distant memories of … Read More

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