Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

5 thoughts on ““Emmy Award” Winner Beverly Lindsay-Johnson is Preserving the Legacy of Doo Wop and Hand Dance

  1. Beverly Lindsay-Johnson is smart, sincere and dear to me in the short time I have known her and seen how she exhibits purity in her delivering Hand Dance events in DC. Every event she associates with dare to be entertaining and educational experienced eternally before you leave her production. Beverly has brought together many talented folk to dance and me being a new dancer can relate being ‘pariah of jokes’ for a lack of dance skills as noted in this article. My wife and I have improved on the Hand Dance scene because we have acquired the skill set as a result of very nice people many associated with the likes of Beverly Lindsay-Johnson. Thank you Queen B

  2. Awesome article! I’ve always been impressed and inspired by your work. Please keep on keepin’ on.

  3. Amazing story. Beverly is an amazing person to work with. She has been such an inspiration in so many people’s lives. To be in her presence is always a learning experience. Thank you for being a role model in my daughter life for the past 12 years. Beverly met us when my daughter was 6 and she has taught her so much by exposing her to people and places that I only read about in school books coming up in the 60s. Thank you Beverly, we love you.

  4. Beverly, this is an excellent article on your commitment in keeping the art form of handdancing and the music of the 50’s and 60′ s alive. You have truly worked hard to make sure the dance is documented and archived in places where it will live forever.

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