Harlem Arts Festival & La Maison d’Art exhibition “Art as Resistance”

June 1-July 15, 2015
“Art as Resistance,”
La Maison d’Art
259 W. 132nd St.

The exhibition, entitled “Art as Resistance,” presents the works of six past and present Harlem Arts Festival visual artists.

Tiffany Latrice’s art is for and about women. With a degree in international relations with a concentration in gender, culture, and global society from the University of Southern California and a masters in women’s history from Sarah Lawrence College, Tiffany’s art is a feminist statement that seeks to combat androcentric worldviews of women’s role in society. Through her compositions and texture, she tells the story of marginalized voices and systematic oppression; she moves women from marginalized spaces to spaces of power and agency. Tiffany combats objectification and commodification by allowing the viewer to undergo a journey through the elaborate imagery she depicts on the canvas.

J.T. Liss is an East Harlem based photographic artist and poet for social change. His work consists of multiple layers, sometimes up to 18 different photographs merged together, to create hidden imagery that reflect metaphorical meanings related to society, inequality, religion, love and the universe around and within us.

Lädy is a street tag created by Lädy Millard. Her art explores common iconography of femininity, the demise of culture and class, and it pervades the walls Manhattan’s Lower East Side where it makes a claim to power for people without a voice. Lädy is not only a graffiti artist but a social commentator and street anthropologist as she sends a message to her spectators about the meaning of the “Lady” in our society. Redefining the gender and incorporating her environment to manipulate the audience’s view of the reality that they live.

Alice Mizrachi is a painter and teaching artist in New York. Through painting, murals, printmaking and installations, Alice creates figurative work that depicts characters whose relationships and emotions reflect her perspective of the social environment. Alice seeks to spread empathy and compassion through site-specific projects that are positive visual responses to social issues that affect neighboring residents. In her roles as artist and teacher, Alice explores art as a path for communities and individuals to heal through creative expression. She works to empower and inspire women and girls by elevating females to sacred archetypes in her art. And as a teaching artist, Alice extends her personal commitment to art as a tool for healing through hands-on creative projects that help others express their ideas about topics such as environmentalism, identity and migration.

Lance Johnson is a mixed media artist who lives his motto, “Think…create…inspire.” He constructs vibrant, thought provoking works that are inspired by his ancestral legacy, hip hop, and the legendary artist and writer Romare Bearden.

Zulu King “Slone” [WOTS Crew, LOC] is the Executive Director of the Arts Department for the Universal Zulu Nation, a Philosopher, a Teacher, and a Community Activist for murals for change. He is Graffiti Hall of Famer, receiver of a Hip Hop Humanitarian Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Dance Mogul Magazine. He also works with Beats, Rhymes, & Relief, a Hip Hop awareness non-profit, to raise support for worldwide humanitarian relief efforts through the arts.

Jasmine Reign is a visionartist, singer and songwriter cruising down the intersection between jazz and electronic music. She is a third culture kid, with roots in both the U.S. and South Africa and her bloom firmly in New York City. She has performed at various venues across NYC including (most recently) the Studio at Webster Hall and will release her first solo EP in Fall 2015.


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