Harlem Fine Arts Show – Opening Night, Benefit for “JAZZMOBILE” Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary

Be a part of the largest African Diaspora art show in New York’s Upper Westside • Art from around the world on exhibition and sale • A great opportunity for collectors, from novice to professional • meet and greet the artists and gallery owners.

February 12-15, 2015
Riverside Church
91 Claremont Avenue
(Between 120th & 121st Streets)

For more information and to purchase your tickets www.eventbrite.com (search for) Jazzmobile

I am bound by my personal experiences; I draw heavily upon the memories of my community culture, and the spirit of the people who gave me pieces of themselves along the way. They have helped me to become the artist that I am today.

The central figures in my life, and in my art are African American women. They have, for many years, formed a life sustaining force that I have benefited from wholly. I am inspired by the supremacy of their moral capacity, and that inspiration drives me to rise above obstacles and enact effective change in my life. The life of the African American woman is a celebration of the human spirit, and I am always compelled to create prolific body of work dedicated to them.

My collage technique has evolved over the years and has allowed me to incorporate three-dimensional elements into my work. I use a variety of materials to create tension and rawness within a two dimensional medium. The use of wood, fabrics, quilts, needle, threads, books and other found objects gives my art a sense of now and make audible the narrative expressed by each piece. Acrylic paint and my use of colors intensify my artistic expression.

The newspaper that lies atop help in telling the story and serve as a time capsule that details the perseverance and unwavering strength of African American people. On the other hand, they represent the Gullah ritual of preparing the walls of houses with newsprint which protected them against curses and dangerous spirits.

The silhouetted figures without eyes or noses, only mouths, make it possible for me to see the faces of the people I have touched, loved and laughed with. Creating these stylized figures remind me of a time that has helped to render me whole.


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