Here It is: “Two Sides of a Wishful Reality”

Hakim Abdul Ali

Life is full of wonderful opportunities for the dreamers and doers in society. Some “hue-mans” choose to take advantage of these precious moments to accomplish much good in life and also to fulfill their expected goals, while others simply do not.

In my constant thoughts, I assume to achieve one’s goals in life, we all need to sense that it boils down to what each individual ” hue-man” is willing to put forth in order to reach what he or she desires, aspires to or wishes for. It can be achieved, but it demands discipline, and it’s also all about the choices one makes in his or her life’s pursuits.

In order to make any desired action come into fruition, one must put forth his or her best efforts to complete whatever he or she hopes to attain in life. That’s the age old success proclamation that is the key to success, and there’s no other way than to say it except in that manner, because if we wish to be the so-called best in whatever we wish for or hope to be, we have to have a “sweat equity pattern methodology” label behind it, or with us in our academic, athletic and employment pursuits of happiness.

It’s a must have formula, and there’s no two ways in escaping that reality. This is a pivotal point to remember, never forgetting it because we all in “hue-manity” are challenged by one pressing inner issue or outer another as we delve into our survival modes to cope with the myriad of trials in life.

These tests should never be taken lightly or for granted as some abstract-minded ethnic “colored” souls in creation may carelessly do from time-to-time. It’s like constantly looking at “The Two Sides of a Wishful Reality,” never forgetting that action produces results.

Habitually, I try not to forget that scenario, always remembering that this space and time is an evolving echo chamber of learning. Life’s episodes are monuments in education to me in my own personal inner challenges, and that’s being as candidly frank with you as I presently choose to be.

For me, “The Two Sides of a Wishful Reality,” is a personal recognition of looking into and thanking the Most High Alone in knowing that each precious moment in the here and now that I presently face in life yields another opportunity in this moment to do something positive with my life. That’s not a wishful thought, but a pronounced activist reality.

I hope that you’re still with me today for this rather off-the-cuff literary introspective ride through my mind’s eye, and I hope that our collaborative endeavors may bring some much needed peace of mind and serenity to the world-at-large. That is a more than wishful optimism in my heart and soul.

Sometimes, our desires of our wishful hearts and ambitious minds, oftentimes, are neglected and deflated and we have a tendency to forget that thinking is a fundamental part of elementary reasoning. Like hidden injustices and racism for many in this country’s ever-present realistic political realms, life in the barrios and ghettoes of our suppressed mind-sets are still, unfortunately, realistic unequalled norms of America’s very known depressing actualities for ethnic minority folk.

Even with the corrupt stigmas of social inequities and racial miseducation running rampant, the struggles for survival remain a constant temptation in the ethnic souls of so-called minority folk. Life, as we know it, is too short for our casual desires of ill-spoken unfulfilled whims to fade away like meaningless words written on water without us putting our best efforts in achieving our “real” goals, if you catch my current mental literal drift.

“The Two Sides of a Wishful Reality” are intense feelings and sentimental journeys that are surfacing deep within inside my present mental realities while attempting to savor the spiritual positivities that exist within me. This thinking pattern leads me to understand more completely about the fragility of a single God Alone given moment in time that’s extended to you and me, and how many of us in “hue-manity” fail to identify with and do something with that truism.

I don’t know about you, but living in today’s world of so many horrifying atrocities and shocking events humbles me in appreciation of the Creator Alone’s bounties towards the spiritually sane of today’s “hue-manity,” especially for those who want and desire to live in peace and tranquility with the rest of creation.

As I’ve said before, life is full of constant chaotic challenges galore, and that’s more than a mouthful to toss your way as you view the world’s daily happenings with amazement and shock. The global ethnic worlds, including this nation’s diverse ethnicities, should recognize and attest to the precariousness of each moment as they desire for racial unity knowing that the cries for freedom, justice and equality reverberates throughout this country and beyond (still) go unheard.

Time is precious, and no sensible, intelligent soul can count the next moment in time as a certainty for him or her, no matter how you identify yourself as or with. So, knowing that tomorrow is not a given and that time waits for no one, it would behoove the wise among all of ” hue-manity” to put forth their focused regimented efforts in achieving their goals and aspirations immediately, if not sooner.

This can and should be done by anyone among the intelligently learned in “hue-manity,” who knows that “The Two Sides of a Wishful Reality” are stepping stones in dealing with the apparent and not so obvious stresses in life. This process should make you think of the intrinsic messages behind the real purpose of living and succeeding in the here and now.

Think about it, and simply said, “The Two Sides of a Wishful Reality” is a no-brainer. It invokes the timeless self-initiative of “hue-manity’s” ethnic achievers who earned their success by the ultimate sweat equity effort called action and not just by wishful wind whisperings.

Talk is cheap, action speaks volumes. That’s a universal message for the ages that’s proven too, too real for all those in the past who’ve taken care of business and attained success in life.

Now, it’s my and your occasions to rise and shine in order to do our things. Here’s hoping that you do your positive action thing in fulfilling your desired goals, and I also do wish the best for you in fulfilling all your other positive realities in life. So, “Here It Is” for this week. Thanks for reading. Peace and love.

Hakim Abdul-Ali

For more than 25 years, Hakim Abdul-Ali has been a columnist and freelance writer for "The Charleston Chronicle" in Charleston SC. He writes columns which deal with spiritual, motivational themes and varied cultural events & activities that pertain to the African-American and African diaspora communities at large.

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For more than 25 years, Hakim Abdul-Ali has been a columnist and freelance writer for "The Charleston Chronicle" in Charleston SC. He writes columns which deal with spiritual, motivational themes and varied cultural events & activities that pertain to the African-American and African diaspora communities at large.

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