Here It is — “With an African Mindset”

Hakim Abdul Ali
Hakim Abdul Ali

It’s a grand occasion to recognize that the spirit of peaceful unity among many, diverse ethnically conscious-minded folk is on the serious rise, and it’s about time for every sane soul to join in and make this place a better world to live in.

Globally speaking, many ethically proud folk of color of every culture are and have been striving to help one another in bringing about peace and harmony to “hue-manity.” Respect for all and hatred for none is obviously their mantra, but is it yours?

I trust that it is, and it’s also good to see that mutual respect’s taking place and going on in various locales because today’s world is in need of all “hue-mans” everywhere, lovingly and knowingly, appreciating who they naturally were created to be with greater admiration and dignity. With so much killing and hatred going on, it’s a wonder how some dubious self-haters, closeted bigots and avowed racists in the cosmos even make it through any day without self destructing.

Listen very closely. Life is a pristine gift of the highest order, so why not live in it and enjoy it to the utmost. Honestly, that’s a sentiment I hope that we as self-professed intelligent and technologically enlightened beings should never take lightly.

I believe that all of us are and were born, uniquely sculptured, and, as such, the fact that we are here in this created phase of life called “the now,” which is a precious blessing from God Alone, we must savor it with peaceful dignity, spiritual tranquility and respected love for all. Sadly, some confused ethnic folk in the world don’t get this message.

I’d like to think that, as you read on, hopefully, you’re one of those well-informed and wise beings who, without overt prejudices and covert malices towards other ethnic “hue-mans,” knows the beauty of respecting everyone’s rightful existence in time and space. It’s called, again, respect.

I believe hatred in any negative format is a backward movement to self-destruction. No well ordered society, organization or nation will stay strong, or viable, for long whenever discrimination is at the foundation of its very existence.

On the contrary, generational respect and equality for all is and should be the democratic cornerstones at all levels for global understanding in all educational, political, communication and administrative processes. Some of us even need that in every aspect of our own contrasting lifestyles, including our personal and external modes of existences.

I do believe that basic and simplistic understanding is completely missing in many different sectors of the globe where certain ethic folk face religious discriminations and economic difficulties galore, even in Black America and beyond. We, as Africans in all senses, shades and complexities of that word, need to strive for cohesive unity in our own ebony worlds of existences just like others elsewhere need to do in theirs.

I think that I am on that pathway, but I have to admit that it still can be a work in progress sometimes. Peace towards and respect for others, just like unity for one’s own individual grouping, can be elusive if your mind and actions are not in the right cognitive perspectives.

In my worldview, I think that all created ethnic folk, including Africans and her diaspora scattered offsprings, are beautiful in their own rights and states of being. We and they are, in a sense, dynamic “colored” souls of nature, and we’re all beautiful.

We must learn to respect each other’s presence in creation now because, if we don’t, it’s quite clear that we’re certainly headed for imminent personal self-destruction and nationalistic annihilation. It’s time to spiritually and politically change our perspectives about many things and others, but remember that we “must” first learn to love ourselves before we can love others.

From the sacred memories of the Motherland to the scattered enclaves of the shores of America and Europe, I sense something spectacular happening. It’s a truly magnificent feeling to see and hear people of color expressing a renewed interest in things “Black, Beautiful and Proud.”

Life for every created soul of the universal consciousness, including Black folk, is a symbolic arduous journey from here to there and back again. In other words, it’s like enduring a laborious voyage to and from one’s beginning knowledge of self to the ever-present now. It’s a daunting task.

Realizing this universal route, or process, of existence has made me think of the very known, natural truth fact that creation of all “hue-mankind” owes everything to the continent called Africa. So study the real African “Our-Story” in order to gain some knowledge of self because it’s the root of all civilization.

So, “Here It Is.” These thoughts are from me to you. Please give what I’ve said some thought. Remember, that “thoughts are synonymous to actions.”


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For more than 25 years, Hakim Abdul-Ali has been a columnist and freelance writer for "The Charleston Chronicle" in Charleston SC. He writes columns which deal with spiritual, motivational themes and varied cultural events & activities that pertain to the African-American and African diaspora communities at large.

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  1. T.
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    “Our-Story” Well here it is.

  2. Edward
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    Well said my Brother i share this with our family.Ase

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    Very well written. Continue the great work. Ur Brother Virgil J.

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