In 1974, Muhammad Ali, Mike Douglas, U.S. Congressman Wayne Levere Hays, Sly Sylvester Stone and George Peppard have a heated conversation about racism In the United States of America!

Some 43 years ago, Muhammad Ali participated in a heated panel discussion about the plight of African-Americans on the Mike Douglas Show. How times have not change!  The discussion is relevant on the eve of Donald Trump‘s ascendcy to President of the United States. I think each and everyone watching this video will be mesmerized by Muhammad Ali’s salient words and eloquence in description of the persistent problems of African Americans in the United States. Muhammad Ali makes us proud! Participants: Muhammad Ali, Mike DouglasU.S. Congressman Wayne Levere Hays, Sylvester Stone of Sly and The Family Stone and George Peppard.



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  1. Imam Hakim Abdul-Ali
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    Profound. Only routes-mag would resurface such a reflective retro piece on a great and courageous brother, who just happened to be a Muslim. Thanks.

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