It’s Bothering Me, But I Can Cope

Ronn Bunn
Ronn Bunn

Today, I found myself feeling unsettled as I thought about President-elect Donald Trump and how much sadness and anxiety his election has brought into many of our lives. As an African-American, I take it personal that a large segment of the United States of America citizenry think that they are justified in denying me and my fellow African Americans the right to live out our lives in the same manner they aspire to. Without conscience, they continue to disregard how much blood, sweat and tears we have endured, and, continue to endure to this day. To rise above uneasiness, I made a mental journey: attempted to connect to the ancestors who survived the many horrors in slavery committed by unwitting whites. You might ask “How did you do it?”

Last week, PBS broadcast two hours of Alvin Ailey Dance Company at Lincoln Center. I just finished watching the two hour program—I was succored by “Revelations”. If you haven’t seen the broadcast, do yourself a favor —you will be uplifted by the classical beauty Alvin Ailey was able to capture.

For those of you living internationally and/or who cannot connect to the PBS broadcast, here is a Youtube presentation of “Revelations.”

Part of today’s journey also included Mikki Grants’  “It Takes A Whole Lots of Human Feeling To Be A Human Being,”  sung by Carmen McRae. My soul is finding its balance once again. If enough of people listen to the lyrics of this song, perhaps many troubled souls would be cleansed.—Ronn



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  1. Robert 'Leo' Brown
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    While channel surfing I came upon The Alvin Ailey Dance Company on PBS, last weekend. At first I thought it was just going to be current works being performed by the company. Well to my surprise as the show went on the dancers eventually performed Revelations! and it was a real treat. It brought me back to a time when this world was a bit different than it is today. I can recall attending The memorial for Mr. Alvin Ailey at City Center in December of 1989, along with my friend Major Mathews. This was my very first time observing Revelations being performed live. It was an awe inspiring performance and tribute that chronicled a very relevant time in African American history, and it is timeless as I just witnessed it being interpreted and performed by the current generation of dancers that bear the torch & keep Revelations vital and alive! unto to this very day. Mr. Alvin Ailey was way more than a dance choreographer… he was an inspiration to the world and an Artistic Genius.

  2. Imam Hakim Abdul-Ali
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    Very good piece. The ancestors would be please because of your concerns.

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