Looking for Volunteer Writers — People Who Find Writing Joyful

Ronn Bunn
Ronn Bunn

I might as well start off the new year with making one of my New Year’s Dreams known. I’m hoping to find at least 20 volunteer writers who would like to contribute a cultural article(s) to Routes-mag.com in the areas of Art,Theatre, Music, Sports, Business, Science, Community, Personality, Childrends/Youth activities, etc.

I am a believer who thinks one has to put his wishes into the Universe and then let “Mother Nature” handle the rest. (It’s okay, if you’re religious, to replace  “Mother Nature” with your own description.)

I often read about the achievements listed by the many Routes-mag.com readers and FB Friends —– I am impressed, and, consequently feel emboldened. So, I am unashamedly asking of the talented 1000s who follow Routes-mag.com or FB pages ronnbunn or Routes Magazine to think about voluntarily contributing an article(s) to the pool of cultural information distributed in Routes-mag.com.

Routes-mag.com is a vehicle that consistently posits positive cultural views, and is, as well an alternative read to the current onslaught of daily negative goings on nationally and internationally. How about it, those of you who find writing joyful? Give our community something that helps them to grow. Do You have a writer friend? Yes? Then send this link to them.

Thanks all of you who are helping me to fulfill one of my 2018 Dreams/Wishes.


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