The African-American Cultural Fountain‘s intention is to keep in front of us the under-appreciative societal cultural contributions by our forebears and their ever evolving African-American culture offspring who  inordinately contribute to world cultural evolution. Daily press offerings depicting African-Americans’ lives and lifestyles are, too often, negative and patronizing. Due to insufficient information channels, hardly anyone knows, including the African-American community the vibrancy of the culture. Truth be told, there are untold thousands, just because of whom they are, reminding us of our connection to our lineage. Hopefully by examples, through The African-American Cultural Fountain, we will begin to appreciate how significant, talented and industrious the African-American community is to the United States and the World..

Some might question the selection of people in this introduction of the cultural fountain. There is no rhyme to the people selected because the selections are just the beginning of my demonstration of how rich the culture is.

The role models’ achievements in The African-American Cultural Fountain, hopefully, will inspire you to share them with the younger generation, friends and detractors.


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