Ronn’s Inspirational Video Recommendations – Malcolm Gladwell, Author of “Outliers”, Selwyn Collins 2013 interview of Terrance McKnight, and Sharon Quinn interview of Jeweler Sandy Baker

I would like to share some of the inspiring and educational videos I have, recently, had the opportunity to view: MALCOLM GLADWELL’s discussion of the foundations for success in “Outliers” has helped me to understand the processes leading to achievement. SELWYN COLLINS HOST OF CWS INTERVIEW WITH TERRANCE MCKNIGHT, MUSICALOGIST* presents two modern voices that many of us don’t often enough get a chance to hear. And SHARON QUINN’S MODEL BEHAVIOR WITH JEWELER SANDY BAKER brings out the inner voices that inspire her beautiful creations.

Malcolm, Selwyn, Terrance, Sharon, and Sandy inspire me, and, I hope you feel inspired, too.


*The interview begins 9 minutes 18 seconds into the video.



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