Ronn’s Take on Web Series: “Beyond Desperation”

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My fellow “Routers” some of might find the attached Web Series: Beyond Desperation adult and raw (Adult supervision recommended.). But as an avid independent film moviegoer, I think the content of this series has merit and it presents realistic situations, not often reflected in American cinema when it comes to the African-American everyday experience. A friend of mine would ask me “Is this worth my time?”. I hope you agree with me that it is worth your time! I’ve, so far, seen only Episodes 1-3 and Episode 21. I hope some of you will find the time to let me know what you think. And if you find Beyond Desperation worthy, then pass it on to your friends. BTW, I do not know the director, nor anyone connected with the production.

Written and directed by Damon DarrellCastHersh Williams, Muju Thompson, Alcillena Wilson, Nicolle Pasquel, Usman Sharif, Jared E. Williams Sr., Danielle Worth, Lynia Love, Steven Strickland, Tanya Randall, Meredith Antoian, Tanya Baskin, Chanise Sharay, Osman Karriem, Stacey Tyler, Cassandra Johnson, Jessica Roberts, Patricia Gibson, Nina-Sophia Pacheco, Ada Aguilara, Todd Hall, Ligia Rodigues Lima, Mary Ashley, Chee Gates, Michael Pearson, Justina Bey, Sarah MacMillan, HukkMASSA, Scarlett Angelina, Valerie J. Williams-Bailey, Kerra Williams, Jade Powell, Ray Figueroa, Kenneth A. Glover, Almog Pail, Victoria Stevens




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