Ronn’s Take: What is Trump and his fellow politicians not telling you?

It should be quite obvious to us that politicians have no idea how to improve the lives of its people. So contemporary politicians’ survival is based solely on promoting people’s feelings of uselessness in creating meaningful lives without trampling on the well-being of others. Read The Washington Post‘s “If you’ve ever described people as ‘white working class'”.

This is a MUST read if you want to understand why Trump is President-elect. I think this portrait of the majority population white Americans is an accurate: pervasive “uselessness” and “only money counts” mentality.

My recommendation to those of you who understand the Routes, A Guide to African-American Culture message: learn, learn, learn and apply your interests to something productive and rewarding from which you can build a future. Find apprenticeships or look to establish apprenticeship programs. There are many examples accomplishments contained here in Routes—read about African-American historical and contemporary accomplishments AND be motivated to stabilizing today’s and tomorrow’s African-American community. It does need stabilization.

The United States of America and other global nations apparently have lost their ability to inspire its people to become creative, to become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is not an easy route, however, those who pursue it will learn to appreciate themselves more than the many detractors ever will. I’m sure many of you have share the admonition of many of our so called “Teachers,” those who have told us that our abilities were limited and consequently destined for failure. I think we should be expending more of our short lived energies honing our talents and less time on futile, untenable, unsolvable Racism. Honing our talents is a controllable, productive solution!

Take note of the percentage of whites who believe their whiteness is important and at the same time evaluate how important your cultural identity is.


6. Being white matters to many of them


Members of the white working class identify more strongly with their race. About 40 percent of the white working class said that being white was “very” or “extremely” important to their identity, compared to about 29 percent of whites with four-year college degrees, according to a Post analysis of a January poll from the American National Election Studies project.


The two groups are equally patriotic, however. The same poll showed that, regardless of their educational background, about 70 percent of whites say that being American is “very” or “extremely” important to their identity.



Let Teddy Pendergrass and Johnny Mathis “Life Is A Song Worth Singing” instruct the likes of Trump and his fellow cohorts!

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  1. Imam Al-Hajj Hakim Abdul-Ali
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    Your piercing thoughts should, hopefully, register and radiate with concern among a lot of aware, thinking and soon to be affected ethnic folks’ states of mental beings. Their tenuous positions in life, notwithstanding, should make them conscious about the real present and the “I wonder what’s to come” political futures we all will face. Your very candidly expressed flow, this time, amazing and definitely (should) hit home for all folks of color, wherever they reside, to realize that living and maintaining in 2017 and beyond is going to be a no joke era.

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