Charles Alston – ROUTES by Ronald Bunn

Jordan Baker-Caldwell joins the ranks of renowned artists Charles Alston, Alfred Crimi, Georgette Seabrooke, Elba Lightfoot and Vertis Hayes

Jordan Baker-Caldwell was an artist even before he knew the words to say it. The son of award winning Silversmith and Jewelry Designer, Sandy Baker, Designer: You Definitely Know Her Work—Routes, October 24, 2016, and accomplished Musician, Lawrence Caldwell — Jordan was immersed … Read More

“One-Way Ticket”: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and Other Works

April 3–September 7, 2015 Museum of Modern Art Special Exhibitions Gallery, third floor 11 West 53rd Street Manhattan An in-depth look at Jacob Lawrence‘s landmark 1941 painting series about the mass movement of African-Americans from the rural South to the … Read More