Previews, Tuesday, April 21, 2015 through Sunday, May 10, 2015
The Public Theater
425 Lafayette Street • 


ToasT weaves major characters from black oral narratives into a gripping story about a group of inmates fighting to keep their minds free amidst the 1971 riots that rocked Attica Prison.  After 27 years served for murder in Attica’s D-Block, Willie Green, aka the legendary Dolomite, has become an unlikely father figure to his cellmates, folklore heroes like Jesse James, Hobo Ben, Annabelle Jones, Stackolee and Hard Rock. When word brews throughout Attica that a riot is coming, Dolomite has to decide whether to join in or bet on the quickly approaching chance to taste freedom. Honoring the spoken word narratives recited in pool halls, bars and prisons across America by generations of black poets, ToasT is a new play about men trying to live free in a system—and a world—designed to keep them chained. The cast features Phillip James Brannon (Annabelle Jones), Dan Butler (Sheriff Jody), Teddy Cañez (G.I. Joe), Keith David (Dolomite), Hill Harper (Hard Rock), John Earl Jelks(Stackolee), Jonathan Earl Peck (Hobo Ben), and Armando Riesco (Jesse James). Written by Lemon Andersen and directed by Elise Thoron.

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