What do we take away from the 2016 Presidential Election RESULTS?

Ronn Bunn
Ronn Bunn

Read the New York Times article “Trump’s Racial Time Machine.” To Whom, to What and Where in the African American community will the Trump Administration spoils be granted? African Americans want parity with white Americans, but why don’t we comprehend, 150 years after the end of slavery, that our welfare is not a priority of those who govern the United States? Until this realization sinks in, this age old idiom will remain “You got a fool, bump its head!”

On November 6, 2016, I posed a question to my readers: “What do we take away from the 2016 Presidential Election?” So far there’s been literally not one response. The article was posted on FB, too, where I assumed my almost 1,600 FB friends have had access to reading the article. My intention was to stir some conversation about the potential options African Americans have in securing a stable life for self and the children of tomorrow. Do we as a people lack the capacity to claim and secure a stable future for ourselves and that of African American children?

Over the past 40 years, I have published Routes Magazine, A Guide to African American Culture because of my great love and respect for our innumerable contributions to world culture. But the more important needed achievement that of family and financial stability has eluded our community. To say that racism hasn’t played a major part in our lack of progress would be laughable, however, we too play a significant role in our instability: We do not build institutions and we have not learned, as a community, that we MUST work together.

Now election day is over and the Donald Trump is president-elect. There exists the possibility that African American’s status in the United States could fall back to the days before the 13th Amendment (1865).  —Ronn



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  1. Imam Al-Hajj Hakim Abdul-Ali
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    There’s much truth to your article. Very relevant statements and issues that should concern anyone in the global Black aware worlds of consciousness and action. Your points are well identified. It’s not a lapse on your part that there’s been no follow up thus far. Give it time and I believe aware minds will respond. Keep up the grand work. It’s needed. Peace.

    • Robert 'Leo' Brown
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      @ Imam Al-Hajj Hakim Abdul-Ali.
      That’s right this subject will resonate with and appeal to the conscious ones in the world. And it really is Each-One-Teach-One ~ Each-One-Reach-One. There are so many folks in the African American community that are aware yet have allowed the matrix to subdue & lure them with irrelevant trappings of what is valuable in this life. There is a very informative and insightful series airing on PBS 11/15/16 & 11/22/16. It’s titled: Black America Since MLK, Still I Rise. …Please share. Peace.

  2. Robert 'Leo' Brown
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    It is a very sad commentary, that at this juncture in history, with all that is available to (so called) free black people that we have not been able to break
    free of the mental shackles that in some ways keeps us bound & divided as group. I am just one person, and I am a survivor of some really horrible things at the hands of my own black people and society at large. However I am alive and of sound mind and that is due to not allowing the programming and mindset of any other person or group to deny me my birthright in this earth. Until Black men women and children take it upon themselves and take charge of their own destinies and stop imitating the imitators and imposters that enslaved their ancestors we will be left in the world scratching our heads trying to figure out why we have not progressed and flourished in the way that other groups seem to to do with ease. As long ae there is this attitude amongst blacks that I got mines, and that all that matters… we will not be unified or able to work toward common goals that could solidify a foundation for the future of African Americans collectively. As far as I am concerned we do not need anyone’s permission to build for ourselves and lead by example for a brighter tomorrow. That’s not to discount that African Americans are up against some very devious,diabolical and unfair external forces… because we are! The question is: “Whose permission do African Americans need to set ourselves free from these foreign customs, practices and ideologies that have nothing to do with our birthright and destiny”?And what will it take for us to have real communication the brings about the kinds of changes that will result in us becoming a Unified people whose values and agendas are about our collective survival as a group, and not individual stories of those who made it, and left their kindred behind at the mercy and whims of The racial time machine. … Keep the Faith!

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