What Ronn Bunn thinks about “Rachel Dolezal, Ex-N.A.A.C.P. Official, Breaks Her Silence”

What Ronn Bunn thinks about “Rachel Dolezal, Ex-N.A.A.C.P. Official, Breaks Her Silence”

It’s laughable that Rachel Dolezal has to step down from her leadership position as an NAACP official because she has been leading a life, officially or unofficially, as an African-American. From all that I’ve been able to read, she has gone into battle for the African-American community. She has done far more for the African-American community than her race-theft accusers:  African-American or otherwise. There are many White-Americans who identify as African-Americans, and, there are many White-Americans married to African-Americans, with children, who identify as African-Americans. It makes no sense to follow misguided or unsympathetic Americans who think Rachel Dolezal has committed a mortal sin. For too long we have been too reticent or have tolerated the rantings of the misguided racist media and its followers. We sensible people should honor Rachel Dolezal for the positive/civil rights steps she has taken in securing the African-American’s rightful citizenship standing in racist America. In stead too many are belittling her. Rachel Dolezal obviously believes “Black Lives Matter”! How does one of those famous adages read:  “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

Many of us can remember, in our childhood days,  fantasizing and perhaps even saying “I wish I was White”. (“Imitation of Life” ) There’s no doubt that Rachel Dolezal has been working to eliminate those self hating ideas from the mindsets of us African-Americans and our children. Rachel Dolezal is on the right side of humanity—those are the people we should hold on to.

—Ronn Bunn



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