“White women are killing themselves: These numbers paint a grim portrait of America’s underclass”

The title above is a headline in the internet publication Salon, May 7, 2016. Don’t be misled by the title because there are many reasons, related to the status of African-Americans, to read the article. Below is a quote that should spur your interest:

“If outcomes for the poorest white Americans continue in their current direction—with increasing deaths among the very worst of those—it’s likely that poverty will be equated less with pathology in favor of a more empathic view. There may even be greater attentiveness to issues affecting whites living in poverty, while the struggles of black Americans become (even) less of a priority. That sort of indifference to black poverty, which we already see so often, could lead to reversals of positive trends for African Americans. This country’s zero-sum approach to race always results in limited resource expenditure and empathy for the most vulnerable. White supremacy depends on the social construct of an undeserving poor black boogeyman. So do successful political campaigns.”


Below is a link to the article:




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