Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

14 thoughts on “Marjorie Johnson After 40 Years on Stage becomes An Overnight Star

  1. I LOOOVE reading ROUTES Magazine. It’s very interesting, insightful and informative. All of the articles are so well written and very diverse. I’m so happy to be a part of the ROUTES family. Thanks for keeping the African American culture alive.

  2. Dominic Marcus
    I’m so glad I read Routes Magazine; It’s so informative about
    What’s happening in the African American Community!!!
    I love that story about one of my favorite actresses,
    Marjorie Johnson!!!!????????????
    She’s just so inspiring and transformational to watch!!! She brings out the best in me! And makes me remember to be a human being!!! Thanks Mr.Bunn/ and Ms Gaffney for the great Article!!????

  3. Perri G’s article sings the truth about a remarkable and talented individual. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marjorie for almost 30 years, and her performance on stage, in every role I’ve seen her tackle, has been quality and heart personified. It’s time for even brighter lights to shine on her.

  4. Love this beautiful article written by the very gifted Perri Gaffney I’ve read her books and seen her act as well she always blows me away with her remarkable skills and this article about the very gifted, talented, fierce, and phenomenal Marjorie Johnson made my heart sing! I have seen Ms.Johnson grace the stage many times and it’s always magical and special. Her TV and film presence is always strong and exciting as well. I must say her performance in “Dot” was STELLAR! I cried I laughed I wanted to rewind and see it again so powerful and heartwarming. This actress deserves more praise and articles like this she is the real deal! Bravo Marjorie Johnson continue being the star you were born to be and are! And thank you to one of my favorite magazine Routes! Especially for Perri Gaffney she is a treasure to read I always love her writing!

  5. I’m thrilled that Ms Marjorie Johnson found her ‘something more’ so that she could share it with us. She’s a very gifted talent and it was so wonderfully captured in this article by Ms Perri Gaffney. Kudos to them both and ROUTES for giving them room to shine.

  6. I feel fortunate to have read the article about Marjorie Johnson written by the gifted Perri Gaffney. Marjorie Johnson’ s performances captures her audiences in a way that brings them back to see her again. I can barely wait to see her next performance. If you haven’t seen her work, please give yourself a treat. I thank Routes for this fantastic article.

  7. Marjorie Johnson has always been a Star…it just took 40 years for some to discover it. I’ve known Marjorie and her work for over 30 years…and knew it since day one!! Congratulations, Perri for this wonderful article,, and of course, Ms. Marjorie for just being Marjorie!!

  8. Thomas Southern

    What a gladsome and engaging read on the journey of Marjorie Johnson. I personally know Marjorie as a good friend and fellow thespian. She is caring, highly skilled, humble and creative. She has a deep respect for acting and also for those around her. I am thrilled you put her in the spotlight. She deserves this special attention. Thank you ROUTES Magazine and to you Perri Gaffney. – This story is about Love and Marjorie’s Dream. Beautiful!

  9. In addition, Marjorie worked with David Pendleton’s The Performers Seminar Workshop where she also was awarded an AUDELCO for her performance in Richard Wesley’s THE SIRENS performed by The PSW Players. I have known Marjorie over the years as devoted to her art and integrity and dedicated to The Process. Her recognition is well deserved – and about time!
    David Pendleton

  10. Thank you Perri for capturing my sister Marjorie Johnson’s successful journey on the stage and screen with such vibrancy. The article conveys both her personal courage, vision and willingness to embrance new challenges, along with the historical barriers of racism and discrmination she had to overcome. Her humour and good grace are well illustrated. She has spent a lifetime honing and perfecting her craft. She has always been gracious when others who were less talented found success and financial gain. The recogntion she has enjoyed with Dot is long overdue. I hope it is a gateway to greater opportunity and reward.

  11. Beautiful to know the back story of our talented Majorie Johnson! And she has a beautiful spirit to match!

  12. My good friend Marjorie Johnson, introduced me to ROUTES magazine. Thank you girl! Great informative articles that keep me in loop with my people. I live in LA, but I’m hoping for a broadway production of DOT. I will be on the next plane when that happens.

  13. Great article Perri you are a true treasure as well as Marjorie (Starjorie) Johnson. She has ALWAYS been phenomenal. I am so glad more people are getting a chance to witness her brilliance. She is definitely a bright star and a beautiful person.

  14. OMG! I knew that I knew Marjorie from almost 40 years ago, wracking my brain trying to pin down from where. I distinctly remember her sweetness, and appearance of innocence only to find that she was funny and bold. Did we attend junior high together? Or NYU School of the Arts? After googling her name to solve the mystery I found this article. Voila! Mystery solved! It was the acting workshop at NBT! Whew! Now I can rest my brain.

    Congrats lady! She is so deserving. I will be cheering her on at the AUDELCO Awards.

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