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Between Our Covers |1977-10-2

Between our covers are routes leading to Art, Music, Dance, Literature, Sports, Travel and other avenues. All are for your enjoyment and use. Our features are different in perspective and scope. Our magazine is for readers and thinkers, for people who choose to be and not for people who happen to be.

Yes, we’re new . . . like a breath of fresh air. And when you’re new, discriminating readers are ready to judge your style, your epistolary and prosaic techniques as well as your output. We are also different. And when you’re different, people are ready to compare you to something else, whether similar or not and must make reference no matter how ridiculous or sublime. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to be different and new; we plan to be fresh and exciting and we anticipate the challenges of antiquity and immaturity.

We are about good tastes, tradition, and the embodiment of old-fashioned pride and respect. We are about traveling in the direction of goals and aims and reaching for success and not accepting failure. All Routes lead somewhere . . . and we recommend those that are positive and those that move forward. The choice is yours. And in choosing, you should evaluate your potential, your assets, your energy and your drive. You should blame no one for your successes nor your failures. You should make your own decisions. And, if your decision is to follow someone else’s direction, then that’s your decision.

Our literary aim is not to tell you what happened or “after-the-fact.” We want to tell you, as a matter of fact, what will happen, when and where. We want to give you a sneak preview so that you can decide for yourself how you want to be entertained. Nothing is more disturbing than to have friends tell you elaborate stories about something you missed, when you wished you could have been there yourself. ROUTES will keep you informed, ahead of time, because we don’t want you to miss a thing.

Traveling is nothing new. It ranks high among leisure time activities. And, more and more people are doing it every year. They go abroad, South, North, West and, of course, to almost every island that exists.

Blacks are no different, having varying levels of affluency, and we know that to enjoy ourselves, we don’t need wads of dough, door to door limousine service or three bedroom suites. However, we would want to know where Blacks frequent in places like Rome, Paris or Montreal, or where the best shops are found. We would also appreciate some tips on fair prices, public transportation and hotel rates in other  Countries. Well, ROUTES will keep you informed through informed people who have traveled the same paths and who want to share their experiences and their contacts.

In later issues, you may expect that we will feature ROUTES RESPONSES. These responses will be from you, the readers … readers who have comments, questions or praise concerning our efforts to inform. Therefore, we welcome your responses.

At the present, ROUTES is a magazine that covers Black entertainment in New York. However, it is a magazine for people in and around New York who frequent the “Big Apple” during their leisure hours. Our traveling section will take us out of New York but will feature entertaining highlights New Yorkers will love. We plan to cover the East and West Coast and eventually the nation. We will not limit our scope nor stifle the realm of our literary prowess. Each issue will be challenging to us and we hope refreshing, informative, and entertaining to you. We welcome writers, advertisers, circulation experts and well wishers. We will be the magazine for you with a special touch . . . the touch of excellence.

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