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Between Our Covers | 12/1977

Certain things become old-fashioned to certain people. Then again , what is old-fashioned? Have you ever stopped to think what makes something old-fashioned? Well, I have! And, I don’t agree with some people … Especially at Christmas time. What’s old-fashioned about singing Christmas carols with your church choir, in a hospital that is full of patients who enjoy the cheer you bring them? What’s old-fashioned about going to hear a presentation of Handel’s Messiah, during the Christmas Holiday?

And, what’s old-fashioned about decorating your house for Christmas with a fresh smelling pine, spruce or cedar tree? And what’s old-fashioned about displaying Christmas cards, fruit, nuts and assorted Christmas candies and creating a feeling at Christmas for others to share. If these things are old-fashioned, then I am,  too.

These are the things that make my Christmas memorable. These are the things with which my family and I shared good times. Can you imagine three generations of carolers on the same choir singing their hearts out so that others could share in the joy and spiritual love they enjoyed so much. What I will miss most about Christmas is that those people in my family are no longer here, but the joys of Christmas are. Therefore my family has become even larger and I share Christmas with my co-workers, my neighbors and my friends. And, oh yes, I still spell Christmas instead of using the “X.” Yes, I am old-fashioned but these are my experiences. These are the things I remember.
You know. Christmas can also be a state of mind. It’s not about how many presents you received or how many you have to buy this year. True love and affect ion are not so planned

The joy of giving goes beyond the cost or the duty. The cheerful smiles and hearty Thank Yous can be tremendous rewards to many of us. Seeing eyes that sparkle and glisten with glee can be more meaningful than a pack of sermons. You, too, can be a part of the goodwill toward men and women. You, too, can share in the thought behind the gift. You can also help spread the mirth and joy of Christmas by helping to spread “great tidings of joy.” And, by allowing the inner-self to partake of the Christmas events that await your personal touch.
Between our covers are Christmas hints, events, concerts, and tips. Between our covers are items of joy and pleasure. ROUTES is proud to share in the joys of Christmas and in our efforts, we hope we bring joy to you.

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