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Between Our Covers |1978-1-2

Now that the party is over, and we’ve tried to ring out the old year and bring in the new year in style and now that the smoke has cleared the air, before we completely turn our thoughts toward the New Year, we must pause and reflect on the past. In the fleeting moments of 1977, were things as we would have wanted them to be? Did we do anything different? Did we make efforts to change things or were we complacent and apathetic toward environmental elements?

With the election of a new president, did he bring hope? Have we seen pledges fulfilled or the promise of things to come? Right here in New York City, with the disappearance of Blacks from New York City politics, did we do our part to influence our Black representation? And, in the aftermath of New York City’s blackout did we share in the drama of looting and stealing or did we delete the occasion from our minds? These things are now an unfortunate part of history that cannot be rewritten. Such events find their opportunity through apathy. Attitudes that entertain thoughts of “Let someone else do it” spreads apathy like a cancer. Even if we could indulge in a bit of revisionist history, we cannot forestall the results of this neglect that is sure to follow.

January is a time for making resolutions and for making plans that govern our positive behavior during the year ahead. Though we cannot change what has already happened, we can be determined that they will not occur again. Since we are the medium in the arena of entertainment and leisure rather than politics, we offer a chance for resolution in this field. Will we continue to watch businesses that relate to our needs, leisure or otherwise, close before they have hardly opened their doors? Will we stand by and watch our established institutions such as the Schomburg or Dance Theatre of Harlem expire because of lack of support? Do we say again, “Let someone else do it?” Or do we say,”I am that someone else!” Let us resolve to get involved in the activities that surround us. Let us resolve to know and care about our rights and to make those choices that will serve us best.

ROUTES is the medium for reenacting the hope that has succumbed to apathy, injustice and distrust. And in doing so, we want to spare you false hope and care to show you reality as we see it,” a reality that is not cluttered with degradation, lust or disillusionment.

Reading is a way of knowledge, experiencing vicarious propositions and broadening the scope of lifestyles. It is hoped that in 1978 you will avail yourself of the readings we present and that in doing so, you will be pleased to the utmost. Between our covers you will find a fresh viewpoint, a fresh diary of activities and a fresh look at quality. And, we promise in the New Year to keep that quality alive and qualitatively appealing.

Enjoy life and its offerings; and while doing so, keep ROUTES high on your list of things to experience in 1978.

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