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Publisher’s Statement |1978-5-1

Ronald Bunn

“I hope you got what you came for.” Those were the words spoken by Melba Moore as our private meeting ended one Saturday, sandwiched between a matinée and an evening performance of Timbuktu!

Melba had given me her key to life, “Everyone has their own signature — I am sure, it is the driving force propelling most successful individuals. One should find out what it is and work to perfect the positive and reduce the negative. A person should not try to perfect that which other people would like to see nor force upon himself an image that he/she would like to be.”

This is the key that has opened the door to her present successes, that has made her the happy, warm and unpretentious person with whom I was fortunate enough to spend part of an afternoon. Our thanks to Melba and best wishes for much success with Timbuktu!

This is our seventh issue, which means we’re on our way to our first birthday. We trust you are enjoying the articles and the lists of things to do. We know by the renewals that you are pleased with ROUTES, but we would appreciate hearing from you — yes, letters. We’re sure you enjoy receiving letters — well, so do we.

Many people have commented on the sparseness of advertising in the magazine. You, our readers, can assist us in turning that around.

Drop our advertisers a letter thanking them for supporting your publication. This will give them direct feedback from you, the consumers of their products. A little hokey? Nope. Business, and necessary in order to demonstrate your support of ROUTES.

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