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Fashion: Roller Disco Fashions |1979-12-11

Rollerskating Fashion

LaVar Burton is doing it for exercise. Jim Brown is doing it to stay in shape. Ben Vereen and Grace Jones are doing it because they enjoy it. Just what are these folks up to? Along with 28 million other Americans, these celebrities are rollerskating their way into the 1980s.

Rapidly replacing tennis as America’s most fashionable sport, rollerskating continues to draw a diverse crowd of enthusiasts. Students, shoppers, waiters, weight-watchers, nine-to-fivers, old-timers and disco dancers are just some of the high rollers spotted around town these days. With America having a current fit on physical fitness, jogging on wheels appears a fun way to exercise and keep trim. Did you know that one hour of skating will burn up 360 calories?

 Rollerskating FashionAutumn, the in season for rollerskating, is upon us, and fashion is right on its trail. No longer do skaters have to clad themselves in the old jeans and shirt standby. Today’s colorful, comfortable and classy skating fashions are made with freedom of movement and the highly individualized taste of the roller buff in mind. Back in the 1940s, rollerskating dress code regulations were rigid. Shorts, jeans and open-collared shirts were considered taboo for gentlemen, and women had to wear skating dresses or skirts in good taste and at approved lengths. Nowadays, almost anything goes, but generally speaking, the silhouette for both men and women is the close to the body look. Roller wear’s new streamlined style and imaginative look may also appeal to gymnasts, dancers and joggers.

 Rollerskating FashionAccessories range from waist bags, Flash Gordon caps and visors that light up to avant-garde can-can tutus and multi-hued garters for above the skates, upper arms and thighs. In color, fabric and styling, roller wear is full of pizzazz. Outfits come in brilliant blues, florescent yellows and greens, shimmering reds, glittering golds and slinky silvers. Satin, feathers, chiffon, punk leopard and Lycra spandex have all made their way onto the roller scene. Skaters can now roll on down in style in wraps with slits, body stockings, t-tards or plunging neck and back tops which keep one feeling breezy.

As cooler weather approaches, heavier fabrics and layering become the fashion for outdoor skaters. Disco rollers will soon be donning their dressy evening separates.

Fashions are provided by John Stavros 982 Second Av, Man and Frederique (Girl in ribbons).

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