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Publisher’s Statement |1979-5-1

This month our cover story is an interview with one of the “hottest” groups on the disco scene — Chic. Chic has enjoyed three consecutive hit records-but interestingly enough, they still remain somewhat of a mystery to the masses who buy their records or freak to their popular disco sounds. Chic is a multi-talented group and once you’ve read our interview with them, you’ll know that this group will be contributing to the music scene long into the future.

The disco craze seems to be going through several phases simultaneously, and it seems to be anybody’s guess where it will be a year or two from now. Veteran recording artists, who are suffering financially and artistically from the disco craze, are eagerly looking forward to the end of the high energy thump — and their wishes may not be too far off. There is a noticeable increase in the “sounds of funk” over the airwaves. And the new dance The Rock, will help propel funk into national and international prominence. But on the other hand, several record companies are investing millions of dollars into keeping the disco sound alive.

It is very difficult for us at Routes to predict whether dollars will win over artistry, so we have decided to separate disco from our music category. Disco will be dealt with as a separate entity — allowing us the flexibility to give other musical forms equal exposure.
Since the introduction of the Fashion Section, we have received numerous letters and telephone calls hailing the coverage. If you feel there are other areas of entertainment we’re missing-drop us a line.

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