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Fashion: The Keyes West Look |1979-5-18

Keyes Hairstyle

Over the past year, Salih Talih and his wife Baadiyah, owners of Keyes West Hair Fair Salon, have developed a formula that restores a curl to hair straightened by chemical. They call their discovery a Retexturizer. Salih says, Clients come to us with hair that has been straightened by chemicals. After we apply our formula, a curl is restored to the hair and it takes on a soft curly wet look. Not only does the Retexturizer restore a curl, it maintains it. The clients need not be concerned with problems of losing the curl in the event of wetting of the head — a wet head need only be towel dried and the curl returns. The Retexturizer lasts for 30 days, after which time the hair returns to its normal-natural state.

Along with the Retexturizer, we suggest our wash and wear cut. It’s attractive short and easy to manage.

Elaborate braiding and cornrowing are also available. Keyes West Hair Fair Salon,Harlem YMCA, 180 West 135th St, New York City, (690-1450)

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