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Looking Your Best | 6/1980

The physical effects of winter idleness cannot be remedied in a week or two. There’s still two months left until the beaches officially open—time enough to look your best through a sensible plan of diet, rest exercise and careful grooming.

Many New Yorkers are complaining of dry skin and hair in the wake of an  almost snow-less, yet bitter cold winter. Just introduced from Revlon’s Polished Ambers is a new line of skin care products called Dermanesse. It has been clinically tested by black dermatologists. With the help of a skin programmer, a regimen can be determined for five different skin types from excessively oily to abnormally dry. Cleansers, rinses, toners, moisturizers, and color balancers are priced from $6.50 to $8.

Mary Kay Cosmetics has developed a skin care system for men. Mr. K products are available only through a Mary Kay consultant. The line includes cleanser, mask, toner, moisture balm, sun screen, lotion, cologne and after shave. Prices range from $3 to $9.50.

For the woman, color accents on eyes, lips, cheeks, and nails, can help pull any look together. To compliment the classic fashion contrasts of black and white, Revlon’s Polished Ambers has also introduced for spring its Red, Your Way colors. ($1.50-$5.75). A softer collection of colors is the Le Whisper collection of delicate lilac, lavender, and violet pastels from L’Oréal. ($1.65-$3.75).

Even if your body is in shape, hairstyles could make or break your appearance. Latest advances in hair care techniques provide black men and women with a substantial number of options.

Black hair is particularly fragile and if yours is squeaky clean, it may be crying for help. The L’Oréal Look of Radiance hair care products are a superior collection of products developed to aid your hair. The Conditioning Shampoo and Special Cleansing Shampoo ($2.50) are gentle, but effective, without stripping hair of its natural oils. The Penetrating Conditioning Treatment ($3.50) and Hair-dress/Scalp Conditioner ($2.50) also help ease dryness.

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