Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Publisher’s Statement — Welcome to New ROUTES | 1991-1

Ronald Bunn circa 1991

Welcome to new ROUTES. Truly, a decided departure from the old one. From 1977 to 1980, ROUTES magazine was a guide to black entertainment, published from the perspective that black New Yorkers needed a real guide to learn what was happening. (The new guide is really telling them what is happening in the culture) At the tail end of the 70s, that was a relatively carefree era, full of glitz & glamour and glittering fun. And ROUTES brought you all that you needed to live the good life.

Unfortunately, however, ROUTES Magazine went out of business for many of the same reasons many other magazines fail: lack of capital, lack of sales and a strong case of naïveté.

After a ten-year hiatus, ROUTES is back in business, but not in the same form, nor for the same reasons. As a highly informative newsletter, ROUTES is ready to, not only, refute the media’s false depiction of what we are all about — drugs, violence, sex, incarceration, aimlessness and a people devoid of tradition — but ROUTES is ready to present a different view through our history and contemporary contributions. Publishing ROUTES brings encouragement on two fronts: 1) that the African- American male can get up and try again (we have in our culture what we need to propel us upward and onward, and 2) that the African-American culture is — alive and well — revealing its worth, power and beauty in the many positive happenings occurring in its communities, ROUTES, therefore, is here to bring into focus not only this culture’s long history of successes and profound impact, but also its continuing evolvement. To know what I mean just have a look inside.

See the complete issue of Routes, A Guide to Black Entertainment May 18, 1991, as PDF.

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