Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

Four Steps Down |1991-32

Carolina Kelly

While walking East on 110th Street in Manhattan, I stumbled upon a unique woman’s fashion and accessories shop. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn I had been transported to a showroom in Bloomingdale’s. Curiously, I gazed into the window then decided to descend four steps down to get a closer look. Inside I saw unusual ladies’ hats accented with sequins and elegant evening dresses. Just beyond the window I saw a lady beckoning to me to come in. I nodded then there was a buzz. I pushed on the door and stepped in.

The lady introduced herself as Carolina Kelly, the owner, and in a high-spirited manner gave me a grand tour. The first question that came to mind was “What is a fully lavender carpeted store with glass showcases and very exquisite ladies wear doing in this neck of the woods?” (No insult intended!) Carolina explained “I wanted to give the people of Harlem an elegant and friendly place to shop.”

She credits the store’s ambiance to her 20 years of sales experience at Bloomingdale’s. But it’s not just the atmosphere and the elegant evening wear that makes Four Steps Down unique, rather it’s Ms. Kelly’s ability to satisfy the tastes of her customers. “I am sensitive to the needs of my customers and the neighborhood,” she says. Occasionally, she has been known to shop for customers with special needs, and as a part of her extending a helping hand, she concentrates on showcasing African-American designers. So whether you are Size 4 or 26, you’ll find an elegant place to shop at 305 East 110th Street, in Harlem. It’s just Four Steps Down. (212) 860-974

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