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Publisher’s Statement |1994-24-1

This issue marks the completion of Routes‘ Volume III. On May 19th we will celebrate our 3rd birthday, which offers me a perfect opportunity to give you my heartfelt thanks for helping us bring into consciousness the positive, enlightening and promising aspects of African-American culture. With your continued support, we can remain a conduit for information that continually reminds us all of the contributions of a vibrant, productive and resilient community. In case you are wondering how you can salute us for reaching our 3rd anniversary, the answer is simple: subscribe, renew, extend, or send someone a gift subscription to Routes; if you have a business, advertise it in these pages.

The issues, surrounding funding of community-based arts organizations, raised in Marta Vega’s letter to Mayor Giuliani affect us all. The Mayor has yet to respond to Ms. Vega.

It is our community’s responsibility to let Mr. Giuliani know that Ms. Vega is not alone in her concerns. Therefore, we urge you to express your thoughts and communicate them to the mayor: Honorable Rudolph W. Giuliani, City Hall, New York, NY 10007; Fax Number (212) 788-2975, Telephone Number (212) 788-2958.

Read the open letter to Mayor Giuliani

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