Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

9 thoughts on “Lee Dobson’s inspired Traditional New Year’s Day Celebration in New York City

  1. I LOOOVE IT Spencer. Very inspirational. Just BEAUTIFUL.
    I’m so happy to have a seat at that New Years Day table.

  2. As I sit on the ground outside the opera house in Munich waiting for Mr.Bunn to come back with some homemade lasagna i smile at the memory of Lee.
    While I wait for him to return, a serendipitous rendez vous, I follow his invitation to do a search for his on line magazine “Routes” and I find my route back to Lee Dobson, a dear friend, a wonderful human being and a brilliant star now in the sky shining bright.
    Wow – thank you universe for the magic!


  3. Thank you so very much for the wonderful tribute to my Brother Lee. He would be so pleased. We miss him every day. I would love to attend your next New Year’s Day party.

  4. Lovely Spencer, Thank you very much for keeping this wounderful memory alive.
    My Name is Jubril Sulaimon(Actor) a nigerian friend of Lee reciding in Dortmund-Germany.
    Today was only curious to know whats in with Lee, so i dialed his Queens number only to listen that the number is no mor in used, there i decided to search for him on line, and discorverd the Interview done by marshall. This is a very big Lost to me.
    My condolence to all well bisher of Lee
    Please keep me posted

  5. Thank you Spencer for sharing this story of the late Lee Dobson. I shared this article with Lee’s sister who was overwhelmed with joy.

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