Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

3 thoughts on “Looking for Writers

  1. Hello Mr. Bunn. I have your card in hand. It has been in several, various drawers, notebooks and just removed from a plastic container where other cards linger, waiting for my attention. You have risen to the desk, my hands type your website address and my mind wants to create words that you might print or publish. If you could let me know what topic – I am an artist, a theater-goer, a Black man in this America the Beautiful and I like to write – then perhaps this card will stay with me. Thank you for this bit of inspiration!

    note: not sure when we met however most cards only appear through personal interaction. Hope the new year is going well for you.

  2. Let’s have an honest conversation about Racism. With Mandela we had Rainbowism. That our People are Free. Reality is Racism Continues to Scar our Society where People need to deal with it openly and honestly. We continue to judge people of various Ethnic Groups as a society. Many confrontations are had because Racism continues to Fester in our community. Who am I? Grew up on a farm where both my parents turned out to be teachers. Mums dad was White. Dads People are of color. Fortunately I do not see color. Therefore Racism does not exist in my being. Politicians lend themselves to clear political definitions and propose sets of economic policies. The Struggle Continues

  3. Hi Ronn,

    ROUTES Looks fresh, vibrant and very much NOW! I would love to write for this amazing and vitally necessary publication!

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