Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020

5 thoughts on “Sandy Baker, Designer: You Definitely Know Her Work

  1. We carry Sandy Baker in northwestern Michigan at Crystal Crate & Cargo. One day a woman entered the store wearing a pair of Sandy’s early 14K earrings. As the sales associates one after another remarked, “Oh, you’re wearing Sandy Bakers.” The customer had no idea what we were talking about; she had bought them at an antique shop in IL. Well, don’t you know that we were on the phone to Sandy that day to tease her about her longevity. Actually, your story confirms it. We are grateful to Lisa Davis for the introduction & happy to be able to continue to feature Sandy’s work.

  2. Thank you for this article. I am a jewelry designer at a crossroads trying to figure out the direction I want go with my business. I enjoy working for myself but ask is my craft sustainable is there a real future in the design and sale of my jewelry.
    People love my work but are not willing to pay a fair price for it. I then resort to making cheaper pieces. I don’t enjoy this because it doesnt challenge me as an artist. I love making over the top and editorial pieces. I’m at my best when designing for fashion shows where I can let my imagination run wild. I love making statement pieces.
    Your article has given me inspiration to further my journey in this business. I will take business and art classes and go to more craft show and get feedback on the latest industry news.
    If possible I would like to get in contact with Ms. Bakers Company and get more inspiration from her organization. What a blessing that would be.
    Once again thank you for writing this article

    1. Hello Shari-
      We have forwarded your comments personally to Ms. Baker. She is most appreciative. She suggests that you look at Ms. Richey has been active in design, marketing and manufacturing and is currently focusing her attention on helping new designers. She has an excellent overview of the jewelry design market.

  3. Thank you for this inspirational article. I am a jewelry designer from Detroit, Michigan and have designed jewelry for 25 years. I am so delighted to learn about Ms Baker and her many endeavors in jewelry design. Take a look at my designs at and give me some feed back if you can. Would truly appreciate it.
    Rosemary Summers
    Summers Signature Collection LLC

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