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Fashion: Looking Your Best | 7/1980


We all get last-minute invitations to attend a party or a social gathering. Oftentimes your boss will expect you to be bright and spiffy for a business meeting at the end of the day when your curls droop. That’s when it really pays to have some of the preparations and appliances modern technology has devised to get your act together quickly.

Clairol has just introduced a new line of portable, packable travel appliances as efficient as they are quick in helping you look your best.

Crazy Curl Compact
Crazy Curl Compact

The Crazy Curl Compact styling wand ($16.99), the Set-A-Way travel hairsetter ($37.99), and the One For the Road travel dryer ($27.99) are convenient for all active people. Any or all of these items make wonderful bon voyage gifts. Shop around to get the lowest price. The prices listed here are suggested retail and smart shoppers can find discount stores that shave off important dollars.

But even with the latest in modern technology, the best look with any hairstyle requires a good cut. Even if the waves or curls fade, you will avoid a hard look if you start with a good shape and clean, even lines.

Beauty tip: Try a new shade of blusher and lipstick to go with the richer skin tones that are brought out by the summer sun. Get advice at a beauty counter if you are unsure of the best color. You will be amazed at the difference.

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