Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020

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I‘ve received so many warm wishes for the coming year, I’ve been tirelessly trying to come up with my way of responding. Shirley Horn’s rendition of Here’s to Life seems to summarize my response to all of my well wishers. I hope you'll enjoy my response, and, if you like Shirley Horn’s sensual delivery, you’ll love her album Here’s to Life.... Read More
Opera and Classical music singers hardly receive coverage or recognition in our contemporary environment. As I exercised today at the gym while listening to my iTunes playlist, suddenly "The Holy City", sung by living legend Jessye Norman began to play— I was mesmerized by the rendition from the beginning until it ended. Hopefully you'll enjoy this beautiful voice as much as I do.... Read More
[embedyt] Because of all of the negative energy emanating from the airwaves, I've been desperate for some positive relief. It just so happened that as iTunes shuffled through my playlist and Moms Mabley's The Best of Moms (Mabley) and Pigmeat, Volume 1 by Chess Records began to play. I was transported back in time to the 1970s & 1980s when one could hear wholesome humor—clean and funny standup comedy.... Read More
In my post on February 27, 2017, In Defense of Rachel Dolezal—white woman who identifies as black, now jobless, may soon be homeless, I described my uneasiness with which both black and white communities have spoken ill about Rachel Dolezal. Up until reading the article about Rachel's plight, I knew only peripheral bits and pieces about her from news reports and the vitriolic responses I've read a number of black and white individuals. After reading the article, I called a couple of my friends to ask them what they thought about Rachel Dolezal.... Read More
In 1992, I was very busy working on a career and Hip Hop was not on my radar, and consequently, I didn't listen to a Tupac Shakur. I had no idea who Tupac was. It's only within the past two years that I've followed the "Listen to it!... Read More
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