Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020


Danny Simmons, Freefall ART in ISOLATION 1 min read
May 1, 2020 marked the 15 year anniversary of Tabla Rasa Gallery, the first full time art gallery to locate in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. An online exhibition of art celebrating the creative spirit * FEATURED on starting: Monday June 8, 2020.... Read More
Sonia Boyce, J. Michael Dash, Ellen Gallagher, Isaac Julien, Courtney J. Martin, Steve McQueen, Mark Nash, David Scott, Allison Thompson - nine extraordinary artists reflect on the distinguished Guyanese-born, British painter Frank Bowling's work.... Read More
Cornell University Library has made available a collection of 645 African-American images from the 1860s through the 1960s. The collection was donated to the University by Stephan and Beth Loewentheil in 2012. The university says "one of the goals — both the Lowentheils is putting the collection together and ours in putting the digital collection online — is to push back against the predominance of material on African-Americans as enslaved people or working in menial jobs or other stereotypical situations.... Read More
Betty Blayton Taylor (July 10, 1937 - October 2, 2016) an American activist, advocate, artist, Arts administrator/educator, lecturer. Co Founder of the Studio Museum in Harlem and Director and Founder of the Children's Art Carnival. “Procession:... Read More