Sat. May 30th, 2020

Month: October 2016

ROUTES: Do you find any contradiction between your religious image and your sex-symbol image?  TEDDY: No, because I don't think people confuse the two. You can have a strong belief without opening a church or anything like that. I'm not into that. Besides, I've analyzed it and I think that makes a person even more sexy, you know, when they have a firm belief. I don't want to throw the church into it, but the way Jesus Christ did things was very sexy. He knew what he was doing. Yeah man, he had it.... Read More
A breath of fresh air: I did not see or hear about Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO's speech on "Black Lives Matter". If you haven't read what he's said or seen the speech then I suggest you look at Thousands Of Employees Erupt In Support of CEO After Powerful Speech About Black Lives Matter (VIDEO).... Read More
[embedyt] I reflect on gaining wisdom or insight on anything, I can't help but think of the many heralded teachers and noble masters of their crafts who really know and knew what they are and were talking about in any given situation or manner of discourse. The sagacity of these heroes and sheroes is priceless and beyond challenge. That reality hits close to home when I think of assessing the cognitive acumen of the musical legends of a favorite listening art form which is the entertaining landscape called jazz.... Read More
If you do not know her name, you definitely know her work. Designer, Sandy Baker has had a long and illustrious career working in fine jewelry, with her iconic designs leaving an indelible mark on the industry itself, and beyond. Among her many achievements, Sandy’s work is included in the Design Archives of the Smithsonian.... Read More
In my formative years, I never got the chance to spend quality time with my maternal or paternal grandparents. I only vaguely remember my maternal grandfather who died just before my 12th birthday. I remember him, mostly, because of his disappointing death before my 12th birthday—disappointed that he died before giving me the usual penny for each of my birthdays.... Read More
Routes interviews founders Benny Diggs and Wiley Hicks talk about New York Community Choir - Let Jesus Fix It (1982)—The New Contemporary Gospel Sound. It looks as if NYCC was disbanded sometime after 1982. However, there is a 2013 Youtube interview with Benny Diggs.... Read More