Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Ronald Bunn

This was Routes' "Maiden Crossword Puzzle". Each Month there will be a new puzzle uploaded and the prior months' puzzle answers at the same time. I'm not sure how hard these puzzles will be, so some feedback would be appreciated. Let me know how you feel?. Most of all have fun! ... Read More
On May 19th,  the Schomburg Center celebrated birthdays of  Playwright Lorraine Hansberry (90th) and human rights activist Malcolm X (95th). Lorraine Hansberry was born in 1930 and Malcolm X in 1925. Each used words to expand, enhance, and challenge the conversation on how we see ourselves and how the rest of the world sees us.... Read More
Here you’ll see a wonderful array of music videos of artists who performed in New York City in January 1978. The music genres are Jazz, Blues, Contemporary and Opera. What you will experience is nothing short of a feast. Let’s take a trip back to the proverbial “Good Old Days”! If you’d like to see the articles that were written then the complete issue search in the archives January 1978.... Read More