Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

1 thought on “Black History Month: Phyllis Hyman ( July 6, 1949 to June 30, 1995)

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your article on Phyllis Hyman in honor of black history month. Thanks for sharing your personal story of her as well. I found Phyllis Hyman’s music on YouTube in 2008. The first song I listened to of hers was “Loving You, Losing You.” I completely fell in love with her voice, as well as the song. At that time, I never heard a voice sound so angelic and so rich in sound. Then I found recorded interviews as well as audio from her radio interviews, and watched (and listened) to the woman of the voice. Her interviews gave some insight to how she thought, her opinions, and how she felt. I never had the Honor of meeting her. I like to think that, if I was born earlier (I was born in 1985) I would’ve been able to see her sing in person. Maybe I would’ve met her, in attending some of her many concerts.. it’s just thoughts and guessing. I was sad to learn of her end. I am glad that her work is left behind, which shows how phenomenal her artistry was and remains.***** Rest In Power Phyllis Hyman.

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