Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Publisher’s Statement | 11/1977

As I sat behind the wheel, in transit from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to New York City, returning with copies of our first issue, I reflected on several occasions — some apparent and some unwarranted. As a new publisher, trying to achieve credibility can be hard. To friends, associates and others who can share their expertise in assisting you, your ideas seem senseless and should be abandoned.

As I look over my shoulder at the copies, I see a dream come true — a dream that others wanted deferred. I, therefore, say to others what I am saying now, and what my reflections deem. It is a shame that people with new ideas are thwarted and stepped upon and not encouraged to continue. We should be about helping each other get ahead and promoting independent aspirations. Other races and nationalities have thousands of success stories because of their ability to recognize talent and availing themselves of the offerings. Others, through envy and dismay knock each other and as a result some ideas never bloom.

Hence, we are about being better people and helping each other achieve and survive. There is a need for ROUTES and we intend to fill the void. Our hope is that in doing our best, we help others get ahead as well. It was during our efforts to launch ROUTES that we discovered unwarranted opposition. But in keeping with our determination and perseverance we pushed on.

In retrospect, our wish is to be able to convey to the doubters that encouragement does go much further than apathy. We say thanks to the modern few and applause to the shaker-uppers. Through your faith, our reality has become more apparent.

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