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Between Our Covers – Editor’s Statement | 11/1977

Thanksgiving is upon us and no matter the religious understanding or the lack of it, we, no matter the religious understanding or the lack of it, pause however briefly, to be thankful and relish our ability to survive. Too often we are caught in a whirlpool created by day to day living and forget to respond to the simple elements of life. We are so beset by the personal and universal inequities of life until when righteousness, good, or joy come along, we see it in a meager relationship. It is a disservice to ourselves as individuals, to mankind in its entirety, and all communities in between to which we belong to allow this to happen. To approach life apathetically is an affront to it and the source from which it springs forth “where there is life, there is hope,” — recognition of that there should be Thanksgiving.

We cannot be satisfied though to let thanksgiving be an exercise of only the mind. Although the day of  Thanksgiving is most probably spent as one of family participation and relaxation , it is not a passive event. Surrounded by the security of family, no matter how large or small, and friends, no matter how few or many, we are still celebrating life and Thanksgiving for that life. We are doing more than just thinking about it.

Between our covers you will find the spirit of life expressed in different terms. Each leads to the fulfillment of life and shows a variety of choices at your fingertips. There are opportunities to explore the untried, discover people, places, and things, and be moved by performances that will never be duplicated. It is indeed the “social season ,” and if New York is in summer a festival, in winter it is a brilliant kaleidoscope of amazement and wonder.

ROUTES is the medium for finding out what to do and where to go. And we invite you to gaze into this kaleidoscope we call the “Big Apple” by way of our pages and choose from that spectrum those colors that will complement your celebration of  Thanksgiving.

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