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Travel Tips To Put in Your Pocket |1977-11-5

Before buying that airline ticket be sure you’re paying the lowest possible fare. Within the continental US there are excursions to every city. And although airlines are obliged to charge the lowest fare for the days you are traveling, they are not obliged to tell you how a slight change in your plans can reduce your fare further.

Be sure to ask about excursion fares: when they apply, how long you must stay, are you allowed to stopover in other cities, and any other requirements that will make you eligible for an excursion fare. A case in point, the round trip New York to Atlanta excursion is $136 as opposed to the regular fare of $170.

Coast to coast travelers can go round trip between New York and Los Angeles or San Francisco for as little as $227. Like any other reduced fare, there are rules you must follow to be eligible, but the savings make it worth your while to check out. This fare is $123 lower than an excursion, and $185 lower than a regular economy fare! Available on American and TWA, ask for their “SuperSaver” Fare.

If you want to save money, are in no hurry and don’t mind taking a flight that makes stops, try Allegheny Airlines’ “simple $aver Fares”.

Between: New York and! Chicago pay $114 instead of $162; New York and Detroit pay $90 instead of $130; New York and Louisville pay $106 instead of $152. These fares are round trip and even lower than the bigger carriers’ excursions! Allegheny has only one rule — fly Allegheny.

Eastern Airlines has done all the others one better. They have introduced an “Unlimited Mileage” fare of $302-$323 for travel anywhere on their system. Destinations include Mexico, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and they require that you make at least two stopovers. On this one you can visit relatives, vacation, visit friends, save money, and only leave home once. Check directly with the carrier for complete rules of eligibility.

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